Rail Freight is Safe and Cost-Effective

Freight remains one of the key challenges facing the Australian rail system. The freight need keeps growing, and there is a pressing need to match it. Several people have the needs to use freight to carry loads to and from different places. Over ten years, the freight task has grown by 50% and continues to grow. It is estimated that it would have grown by 26% in 2026. To this end, the ARA has been working with the government to develop strategies and plans that will best serve the needs of rail service companies. The working relationship will help to improve the efficiency of freight supply chains and make it possible to match the current needs.

There is also the need to achieve the modal shift to railways m as this is crucial to catalyse economic growth and improve the overall efficiency of the railway system. By so doing, it improves businesses that have to do with rail and improves their revenues. This helps to support liveability and betters the experience of regional communities. The freight system is essential to ensuring the success of several businesses and connected livelihoods. Its benefits are immeasurable, and this is why it forms one of the crucial parts of rail services.

Rail is the smarter choice for freight haulage in Australia. With one freight train, you can do what 110 semi-trailers will deliver. This makes train a preferred mode for freight services because it can carry much more load than road transportation. It is safer, smarter and also more economical to use. When you use rail for freight, you are about 9 times safer than road freight. It is the most cost-effective to use, and it serves business needs much more effectively. This makes it essential for ARA to liaise with the government in advancing the recommendations of its members and building solid relationships that can foster solutions to the freight needs of people.

ARA Freight Plan

The ARA developed a ten-point plan through which it seeks to solve the freight needs existing among its members. The ten points will help to improve the supply efficiencies and get more freight on the rail. This will bridge the existing gaps and provide timely solutions that will matter to several businesses and communities.

Benefits of Freight

Having an effective rail freight sector is crucial to the buoyancy of the economy and the competitiveness of the rail sector. When you consider the sizable growth in Australia, an efficient, safe, and environmentally smart system of moving freights is inextricable from our economy. Here are a few benefits of rail freight.

Delivers Everyday Essentials

Retailers are increasingly making use of rail freight as a cost-effective means of transporting goods. Whether bulky products or major hardware products, rail freight is an essential means of transportation that ensure safe and sound delivery irrespective of the length of the distance.

Safer Transportation

Rail is much safer than conventional road transportation, so your freight is safe and sound with it.

Supports Key Industries

For an industry such as the mining industry, rail freight is essential for sustaining the industry’s competitiveness.


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