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Smart Rail is The Future

Technology is the future of rail as it has been the past and present. With technology, the potentials of the rail sector are limitless. With the needs of customers and members rising every day, there is a need to tap into technological innovations to solve the problems of rail. In the absence of such innovations, rail will remain stagnant, and several initiatives the ARA has developed may also start to suffer the backlash. Thus, it is highly important that strategies be developed to provide a long-term plan for tapping into the limitless usage of technology to improve the services offerings in rail. This brings about the need for smart rail.

Smart rail is a route which the Australian rail intends to follow to fruition to continue meeting the technological demands of the rail industry. As the name suggests, smart rail means a way of doing things smartly and cost-effectively. This is how the rail sector can continue to maintain relevance and boost its service offerings without compromising value. The smart rail strategy is a 30-year plan, which sets out the route that the rail industry will take to achieve development and execute all initiatives. It contains all the research and development plans needed to achieve results and deliver solutions that will continue to match the needs of the sector.

With the smart rail framework, the rail sector establishes the plans to underpin the integration of the next-generation ICT successfully. The plan contemplates the fact that technology will continue to evolve, and it is only right that the rail sector equally evolves alongside. To do this, the framework lays down the structures that make the sector receptive to technology even when it becomes more advanced than it currently is. With this in place, we can be certain that the rail sector will continue welcoming investments and continue expanding, as it has concrete plans on ground to continue to deepen its transformation and foresight.

Smart rail aims to deliver a coordinated industry that allows for new generation technologies, concerning both adoption and deployment. The framework establishes a common view, objective, and line of actions to get the results. It also sets out the performance metrics to determine compliance and progress as time goes by. This makes the strategy an air-tight one that works effectively to get the desired results. The focus is on the industry’s ability to embrace disruption and successfully adopt new technologies, without failing or falling apart. This ensures that the industry can keep pace with emerging realities without faltering. No doubt, this is one of the hallmarks of a true 21st-century industry that plans.

The implementation of this smart rail framework is under a high-level set of executives. The executive members will determine the exact way the framework will go and also monitor the progress. The executive will be responsible for monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the priorities are in order and the actions are delivered accordingly. They will also ensure the success of the initiatives by examining them at intervals and adjusting the strategies where necessary to maximise the results without compromising the objective.  


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