Young Rail Professionals

Capacity Building for Young Rail Professionals

The rail sector has witnessed a wide unprecedented expansion. This kind of expansion is one which requires adequate monitoring and sustainability plans that will keep the sector booming and fast-rising for long. There is a need to foster important relationships through which knowledge can be transferred to the younger generation. This makes it expedient to create initiatives that will foster the participation of young people in rail. Such participation will see the coming of young minds who will take the rail far and beyond. This kind of initiative, however, requires adequate planning and deliberateness through which the rail stakeholders can ensure that the target objectives are met without compromises.

Starting in 2017 alongside its members, the Australian Railway Association (ARA) has held the Young Rail Professionals forum to strengthen and support the values of young professionals in the rail industry. The forum has served as an effective way to not only stimulate the interest of young minds in rail but also further to deepen the interest and commitments of the present young professionals. The forum recognises the importance and values that the young ones bring to the table, and seeks to offer them opportunities to actualise it. By so doing, the rail sector can be sustained and taken far above the limits.

Young professionals are vibrant and filled with ideas. Any sector that cares about the future must offer excellent opportunities for young professionals to thrive. By so doing, young professionals are given what it takes to dream and bring their ideas to life. The key instrument that sustains all sectors is innovation. Innovation is the pathway to relevance. Any sector that wants to keep raking in revenues and serving the needs of the customers, such a sector must necessarily innovate. While young people do not have the monopoly of innovation, they sure have a vast amount of it. Their minds are filled with ideas, and it is only smart to provide them with the platform to demonstrate their brilliance.

Due to unprecedented investment, rail has grown in leaps. There is more participation day after day, and the services keep expanding. The scope of rail has widened beyond the conventional thoughts that many have. It is now a sector brimming with lots of investment and service offerings. With such expansion and transformation comes the need to foster diversity in the sector. The expansion offers rail the unique opportunity to provide a soft ground for people of the different age range to build a career. With a framework and efficient talent building route, the sector offers a top-notch experience to its professionals.

Therefore, young professionals should take advantage of this opportunity to gain deep insights into the workings of the rail sector and the boundless opportunities it presents.  The forum reverberates with knowledge from experienced panellists that have spent years in the rail sector.  It presents a perfect opportunity to tap into a quality networking forum.   This forum presents you the opportunity to learn from leading industry experts.


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